Monday, December 14, 2009

Aegina Island - Octopus; pistachios

Aegina is is one of the Saronic Gulf islands, a Greek island not far from Piraeus, the port of Athens, and is a splendid day trip. On the way,  going with friends and not on a tour, I looked over from the prow and saw a sea turtle below. Not huge, but vigorous.  See

1,  Old habitations are being refurbished, rebuilt, expanded. This: a work in progress.

Fisherman's cottage, Aegina Island, Greece

2,  Octopus - hanging in the fish shops. Grill it. Goes in salads, or by itself. Just a little olive oil and garlic. To tenderize, the catch used to be pounded on rocks.

How to tenderize your octopus?  It is possible to use old washing machines to beat-paddle the (dead) octopus for tenderizing. Recipe and lore for : for grilled octopus, go to

3.  Driving snacks.  Aegina pistachios -- a variety among the best in the world.  See

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