Friday, November 18, 2011

Vergina, Macedonia, between Mt. Olympus and Thessoloniki

Macedonia is a region of Greece. Macedonia with the same name also references a different area, a country known as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and that had been part of the old Yugoslavia, and joined the United Nations as an independent nation with this name.  Greece claims the single name "Macedonia" for its section; nationalism, history, identity, all collide, see;
and then,

  •  Philip was the father of Alexander the Great, Philip's Grave is believed to be at the Great Tumulus in Vergina, but little remains of its grandeur. See Archeology Odyssey magazine, March-April 2005 at p. 32ff, article by Greek archeologist Manolis Andronicos.   The access to the tumulus is through a climate-controlled structure extending underground  

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